Funeral Service Catering


Manning Funerals is happy to arrange funeral catering, whether it be at a crematorium, a church or a private home. In the past, many churches would have the “church ladies” do the catering, but this is actually a rarity nowadays due to the increased age of parishioners, or people having busier lives. Sometimes families say they will do the catering themselves, but this can become another burden for them to deal with, when Manning Funerals has caterers they can call upon to do everything. Visualize the reception venue where one is greeted by professional, well-presented caterers who have laid out the tables with white starched tablecloths and coloured runners, arranged fresh flowers in vases and carefully placed cake stands (yes cake stands, something of the past) oozing with enticing, mouth-watering garnished morsels, freshly brewed coffee and a selection of teas. Compare this to a stark hall with green plastic tablecloths, sundry containers of food, chipped cups and grandchildren who would rather be anywhere, rather than serving tea and instant coffee. As with other services Manning Funerals offers, this cost would be added to the funeral bill.