Burial Burials   



A cemetery burial will include such things as the cost of the plot, the digging fee, maintenance fee (some cemeteries charge a one-off fee) and the cost of the lowering device and green mats surrounding the plot (some cemeteries do charge additional for this). Manning Funerals will always encourage families to pay a nominal extra fee for a “double depth” burial. (In some cases the cemetery does not charge extra for double depth, but it is done automatically, even if a second interment is not anticipated). This allows for another burial on top of the existing one at a later stage. When the second interment occurs, there is an area left between the two caskets. Even though some families say there will not be anyone interred in the plot, Martha-Louise of Manning Funerals still offers the “double depth” option, as circumstances may change and by having the option available means that the second interment only attracts digging fees, rather than the purchase of a new plot, plus digging fees.