Coffins / Caskets

This is a small selection of what we have available



Rimu Covered Casket.



Rosewood Panelled Casket




Gloss Painted Casket


Daisy Eco Casket


Woodstock Caskets

Simple construction, no treatments, no coatings, includes a calico and recycled wool mattress.

 Woodstock Casket

Archetype Caskets

Crafted from certified sustainably harvested NZ rimu. Comes with wool fleece mattress.

 Archetype Casket

Artisan Caskets

Quality plywood construction.  Lightweight and strong.

Silver Fern Eco Casket


Baby Casket


 Baby Coffin

Chesapeake Coffins

Wood veneered flat lid, comes with 6 handles.

 Jewish Casket



Solid Pine Casket


Westminster Rimu Coffins

High quality solid timber with high gloss finished.

 Westminster Rimu Casket

Kingswood Dark Oak Coffins

High quality solid timber with high gloss finish.

 Kingswood Dark Oak Casket

Sherwood Green Coffins

High gloss finished. Also available in rimu and mahogany veneer and painted white.

 Sherwood Green Casket


Native NZ Recycled Timber Casket


Rutherford Mahogany Coffins

Wood grained MDF casket with high gloss finish.

 Rutherford Mahogany Casket

White Child Casket





Lawn Bowls Picture Coffins


 Dying Art - Lawnbowls Picture Coffins




Rambling Roses Picture Coffins


 Dying Art - Rambling Roses Picture Coffins